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Advertisers in Victoria must have a SWA exception number or license number. Click on the links below for more information:  
Link here:

Guidelines for Photos:
Upload images of the actual advertiser.
You must own rights to or have permission to use those photos.
Photos must be an authentic depiction of the advertise.

All Advertise is FREE. No credit card or bank account required!



Independent Agency Establishment

Set yourself apart from other advertisers and gain your customer's trust by getting your photo verified. Upload a full-body picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with Babes 24H written on it.

1. Choose the State, advertising category and username then check your email . Click the link on that email and log back in  to complete your profile. A code will also be sent to your phone.

2. Then check some boxes for your Profile details. Helps people find you with our search filters.

3. Add your Text  and a catchy heading and reviews.

4. Upload your photos.  Tip - As you upload, you can choose which part of your photo displays in the 3 different site thumbnails.

5. Choose a location. Tip  - Start typing and choose from the sites locations. Extra locations and touring locations can be added later. Also all your locations can have different pricing and rates extra information.

6. Add your roster. This can be easily set weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly.

For help building your profile contact Eason at [email protected]  8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

Have a great day.